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No matter how big or small, electrical issues can become a major inconvenience in any home. We spend a lot of our time indoors which means we are constantly relying on electricity. If you notice something off with your electrical system, such as flickering lights, tripping breakers, or faulty outlets, you may need a licensed electrician to assess your home’s paneling. Terrapin Electric is your best choice when it comes to finding an Austin electrical contractor you can trust. We offer advanced solutions to keep you comfortable, save you money, and ensure your safety at home.

Kitchen in Austin, Texas with green cabinetry and a kitchen aid mixer plugged into an electrical outlet.
Modern kitchen in Austin, Texas with four electrical lighting fixtures suspended from the ceiling.

Electrical wiring services from the best Austin electrical contractor

At Terrapin Electric, we work hard to bring you the latest and safest electrical solutions for your home. We can help you improve your energy efficiency, save on energy bills, and avoid electrical hazards with the following electrical wiring services:

  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Aluminum to Copper upgrades
  • Repairing damaged outlets
  • Fixing dim, buzzing, or flickering lights
  • Panel upgrades and new installations
  • Retrofitting new features onto an existing system
  • Repairs and prevention in the event of a power trip

Common electrical wiring issues

When should I call an Austin electrical contractor?

Flickering lights

Flickering lights are typically a sign that your electrical system is being overloaded or electrical connections have begun to fail. Your electrical system can be overloaded if large appliances are overwhelming your system, or if you have too many devices plugged into an electrical outlet. Faulty or loose electrical connections can create excessive heat and can cause combustion. Rest easy knowing our team of licensed electricians can help identify and repair the problem. 

Tripping breakers

Breakers can trip for numerous reasons but can happen more frequently when your panel has reached the end of its useful life. Frequent breaker tripping can cause premature wearing on your appliances and valuable electronics. Our expert team of electricians can work with you to determine the age and health of your electrical panel and find a solution to help eliminate tripping breakers in the future.

Failing outlets

Overtime, as your electric system ages and undergoes stressors, constant expanding and contracting due to electrical heat can cause loose connections. This may result in one or more outlets in your home failing from time to time. Other symptoms of a worn electric device may include burning odors or the outlet creating a spark as you plug in electronics. With the help of a dependable Austin electrical contractor, you can keep yourself safe from failing electrical outlets.

New appliances

If you’re planning on remodeling your home or adding new appliances, it’s important to make sure that your current electrical system is adequately sized to handle these additions. Our team of electricians can inspect your existing system, and recommend any necessary upgrades. We’ll work with you to find a solution that suits your needs – now and in the long run.

Burning smell

If you notice a burning odor coming from your outlets or any other component of your electrical system, it’s important to give our expert electricians a call right away!

Copper vs. aluminum wiring? Which is better and why?

If your home was constructed between 1962 and 1977, it might be wired with aluminum branched circuits.

The safety of aluminum wiring has been a subject of concern. Although aluminum wiring itself is not inherently hazardous, certain issues have led electrical contractors to phase out its usage. While the NEC Electrical Code has not banned aluminum wiring, it is no longer sold, and most contractors refuse to service it.

So, what are the drawbacks of aluminum wiring?

Softness: Aluminum is softer than copper, which means if the wiring gets pinched, crimped, or damaged, it can lead to overheating.

Conductivity: Over time, aluminum wiring can experience oxidation, making it less conductive compared to copper. Unlike copper, which retains its conductivity even when oxidized, the resistance caused by oxidation in aluminum can cause overheating issues.

Expansion and Contraction: Aluminum wiring is susceptible to expansion and contraction with the flow of electricity. This continuous expansion and contraction can weaken the wiring and cause it to loosen from its fittings. Consequently, it may lead to electrical arcing, where electricity jumps between two conductors through the air, posing a significant fire hazard, especially if flammable materials are nearby.

If you own a home that was constructed between 1962 and 1977 that is wired with aluminum branched circuits, it is essential that you get it looked at and serviced by a qualified Austin electrical contractor. One of our experts will be able to evaluate the safety and integrity of your wiring system. We can offer advice on any upgrading, replacement, or repair work that needs to be done in order to keep your home safe and reliable.

What causes electrical wiring to malfunction?

Overtime, your electrical system experiences normal wear and tear from the stressors we put it through. If your electrical system is aging and you’re constantly running appliances, charging devices, and leaving lights on in your home, your system will eventually need a little love from a certified electrician.

Additionally, some older systems are wired with aluminum rather than copper. These systems not only wear down faster, but also make the conditions for fire hazards more prevalent. Our team of electricians can determine your wiring material and suggest necessary upgrades.

You may notice yourself reaching for a phone to call an electrician more often than you need to. The cost of these repairs can quickly add up, even exceeding the cost you would spend on a full replacement system. At Terrapin Electric, we help our customers find solutions that help them now and in the future.

We won’t recommend something you don’t actually need, but if your panel is constantly in need of repairs, you may be well suited by a full electrical panel upgrade that allows you to keep up with your daily lifestyle.

As convenient as power strips are, using too many devices on one strip can overwhelm your outlets and put a lot of strain on your electrical system. If you’ve overloaded your power strips for a prolonged period of time, you may have worn down your electrical system.

But don’t worry – our team of certified electricians in Austin can take a closer look and help you find the solution that works best for you.

Kitchen countertop in Austin, Texas with lighting fixtures, and an electric stove with a kettle and a stainless steel pot on top of it.
Living room of a home in Austin, Texas with white walls, light colored furniture recessed lighting fixtures.

Expert Austin electrical contractor – dedicated to your comfort

Experiencing electrical issues at home can be a nuisance in your day to day. Moreover, having an electrician enter your home can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. Terrapin Electric does everything we can to ensure your comfort and safety.

We’ll treat your home in Austin as best as we would our own and find a solution that keeps the lights on. With our friendly, professional technicians, you’ll feel confident that you made the right choice. Give us a call and we’ll be there for you.

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